Education Service and accountability for Male Actors of Gender Violence (SERH)

The Education Service and accountability for Men Authors of Gender Violence (SERH) was a project undertaken through a partnership between ISER and the Municipal Social Welfare and Violence Prevention in Nova Iguaçu. Through educational activities with male perpetrators of gender violence, the project aimed to contribute to the prevention and reduction of domestic violence in that municipality as well as in other parts of Baixada Fluminense.

As was foreseen by the Maria da Penha law, the creation of education and rehabilitation for male perpetrators of violence against women has not yet become a reality in Brazil. In this sense, the project is a pioneering experience in public policy for the prevention of gender violence.

Through professional training on issues related to gender and violence against women and the application of the methodology to discussion groups, the initiative has helped approximately 800 male perpetrators of such violence in the municipalities of the Baixada Fluminense and has served as a parameter for a series of other initiatives adopted in Brazil.

Fernando Acosta e Roberto Marinho Amado

Secretaria Nacional de Segurança Pública/Ministério da Justiça (SENASP), Secretaria Municipal de Assistência Social e Prevenção da Violência de Nova Iguaçu (SEMASPV), Departamento da Saúde do Homem/Ministério da Saúde (MS), Tribunal de Justiça do Estado do Rio de Janeiro (TJRJ).

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