Active Democracy: Citizen Network for Strengthening Democracy

The Active Democracy Network is a joint initiative between civil society organizations, in the inter-American context, for the development of strategic actions for strengthening regional democracy. One of its actions is the central project “Citizen Participation for the Cumbres of the Americas”, a project that monitors public commitments signed in the framework of the Organization of American States (OAS).

The project involves the application of methodology for the monitoring of government action, and aims to involve civil society in identifying progress and setbacks by implementing the mandates arising from the Summits of the Americas in relation to four themes central to the consolidation of democracy: access to public information, freedom of expression, decentralization, local governments, and strengthening the participation of civil society.

In Brazil, ISER was the organization responsible for conducting this process, which included the participation of various civil society organizations. As a result, we designed the “National Assessment Report of the Brazilian State,” which brought together the actions taken by the Brazilian government to achieve these goals, as well as a critical analysis of the same, from a collective evaluation process.

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