Planting the future

“Planting the Future” is a project developed within the Program Pleasure in Reading of the C&A Institute, which has as its main objective the creation of spaces for children and young people to have access to books and activities that encourage a love of reading.

Run by ISER because of demands of the residents of Rio das Flores, a community part of Complexo de Rio das Pedras, the project is developed through the establishment of community libraries that perform actions focused on the diffusion of literary reading and training of readers.

The project integrates the Polo community libraries in the city of Rio de Janeiro called “Reading Connection.” The Polo has as its primary focus the guided discussion about the creation of the Municipal Plan of Nook Reading in the City.

Among the activities, some noteworthy mentions are the reading circles, the “telling” of stories, the festivals, feasts, and literary chats, all activities that count on reading as a way to transform society.

The project also has a traveling library, created with the aim of expanding the activities to encourage reading beyond the physical space maintained by the initiative. Besides being an important means to disseminate the work of the project, the workshops of the Traveling Library enable the participation of those children and young people who, for some reason cannot, attend the main events.

Luzia de Seta

Instituto C&A

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