Plan for Dialogue and Engagement of communities around ALUMAR

During the years 2008 and 2009, ISER conducted a qualitative study requested by ALUMAR on the perception of the surrounding communities, aiming at the development of a Plan of Dialogue and Engagement that would orient and qualify the social investment that ALUMAR already completed in the region.

The research was carried out in 15 communities visited by the team of ISER. The methodology included a raise in the requirements and expectations of the population, as well as a study conducted to assess their ways of life, such as mapping their values and attitudes in a number of issues, such as their notions of well-being, progress, and sustainable development.

Once the research was completed, it was still necessary to hold a second validation period to access the results. This occurred throughout 2012. During this process, the ISER team visited the participating communities to present and discuss the final results of the study. Among the main contributions and innovations of the project was the promotion of dialogue among different sectors involved in the themes of the project.

Maria Rita Villela


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