UN habitat

In 2012 ISER was a technical partner for an initiative that integrates six UN agencies (UNDP, UNODC, UNESCO, ILO, UN-HABITAT, and UNICEF) in a joint program carried out in the municipalities of Contagem—MG, Vitória—ES and Lauro de Freitas—BH.

The project is structured in three main areas: public safety, gender and conflict mediation, and its main focus group of children, adolescents, and young people of social precariousness.

Its main actions aimed to promote coexistence (respect for rules and strengthening citizenship), reduction of risk factors related to violence (drugs and weapons, for example), the promotion of peaceful conflict resolution, and access to justice.

The activities are based on the training and strengthening of local actors and mobilizations. With the contribution of innovative methodologies and participatory interventions, the project aimed to promote the prevention and reduction of violence on a sustainable and democratic basis.

André Rodrigues

ONU- Habitat

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