Fight for Peace

In 2012, the NGO Fight for Peace, a nonprofit organization that uses boxing and martial arts to promote youth development in at-risk communities, invited ISER to hold a consultation on the inclusion of issues related to diversity within the context and the work developed by this institution.

Initially, the proposal had as its main objective the promotion of reflection on gender issues. However, during the diagnostic process, we realized the need to deepen the reflection to other topics beyond the gender issue, such as distinctive sexuality, race and ethnicity, and the inclusion of people with disabilities.

The work, directed towards officials, teachers, students, and employees of the organization, resulted in a diagnosis proposal regarding the development of the themes of diversity within the organization, a proposal for training for professionals involved in activities, the preparation of a manual about gender and sexuality, as well as a video production and realization of activities commemorating the international day of struggle to end violence against women.

Ana Paula Sciamarella

Luta Pela Paz