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This projects aim is to provide education about forest management in 52 municipalities in six regions of the state of Pará. It is an initiative of the Roberto Marinho Foundation, to be carried out between 2012 and 2013, in partnership with the State Secretary of Education of Pará and the Technical Assistance and Rural Extension Company of the state of Pará (EMATER-PA).

The project has two areas of action: formal education and communities. In relation to the first, the aim is that young people reevaluate their opinion about a career within forestry. For this, 1,000 educators of the state network will receive training. Each group of educators in each school unit will create an action plan to be implemented collectively.

In regards to the communities, the aim is that the communities will be helped with the forest management. In this way, 100 extensionists, from logging centres and areas of Forest concession and conservation units, will receive training.

Each school unit and extensionist will receive a learning kit, which will contain a teacher’s guide with lesson plan suggestions; a text book with contents and instructions about forest management (for the teacher); 15 video lessons; a board game about forest management; and materials to decorate the learning space (classrooms, meeting rooms, for example). Also, work opportunities and business opportunities in the area, will be made available systematically, in the Amazon.

Iser was invited to evaluate the development and the results of this project; with the aim to calculate it’s reach, in the education and community field, also to suggest future possibilities. To map the initial scenario of the project, focus groups will be carried out in the region with educators, extencionists and students. Questionnaires, which will be applied in this phase, will be created by Iser researchers and later; the researchers will organize and analyze the data.

At the end of the project a report will be produced about the focus groups’ results, containing analysis which privileges what the participants say, the databases, and descriptive statistic analysis and an appraisal of a specialist consulter in educational evaluation, which will provide a broader panorama.

Edilson Pereira

Roberto Marinho Foundation