Rights in Motion

Rights in Motion— the Collection of Production in Human Rights, is a digital platform, developed in 2012, with the purpose of gathering and disseminating a collection of publications that address the main discussions on Human Rights. The central aim is to foster and strengthen the production of civil rights organizations, social movements, and activists in Human Rights.

This initiative, which reflects an investment in strengthening political actors that comprise the field of struggle for human rights, was designed in an online format to rely on search engines and to integrate virtual pages of partners and other interested parties.

Founded as an open space for participatory reflection and criticism, the Rights In Motion, whose management is carried out by the Institute of Religious Studies (ISER), the composition aims to provide a broad exchange network, debate, and construction of Human Rights. Its ultimate goal is to enable the existence of a collection that reflects diverse perspectives while respecting, always, diversity and human rights.

Fernanda Pradal