Green Communities

The Green Communities Project, a collaboration between the Secretary of State of the Environment and ISER, was born out of the belief that it is possible to combine environmental conscientiousness with the development of local communities in Rio de Janeiro. The strategic fundamentals that gave way to the project are education about sustainability, the green economy, solidarity, and a network of learning.

Through the installation of the green communities and the training of residents of four communities (Batan, Complexo de Alemão (Fazendinha), Fogueteiro, and Formiga) in activities involving cultivation and landscape planning, this initiative is intended to contribute and improve the quality of live of the residents of the Favelas in Rio de Janeiro.

Among the main activities carried out during the year 2012 were the mobilization of participating communities through local community leaders, the selection of participants, and the beginning of the training process for residents.

Therefore, the Green Communities Project aims to address civil inequalities through different strategies by promoting sustainable development and the creation of networks and positive synergies.

Isadora Sento-Sé

Secretaria de Estado de Ambiente (SEA)

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