The color of the culture

“A Cor da Cultura” – Colour of Culture (ACDC), fruit of a partnership between Canal Futura (a Brazilian television channel), Petrobras, the Information and Documentation Centre of the Black Artist (Centro de Informação e Documentação do Artista Negro -CIDAN), the Education and Culture Ministry (MEC), Palmares Foundation, Globo TV, and the Secretary of Racial Equality Promotion Policies, is an educational project which intends to promote Afro-Brazilian culture.

The project originates in the law no. 10.639/03, which makes the subject “Afro-Brazilian History and Culture” obligatory in the official school curriculum. Through teaching methods and resources adjusted to each age and school context, the Project, has been contributing to the implementation of this law since 2004.

The Robert Marinho Foundation, through its Research and Evaluation department, contracted ISER to carry out an evaluation of the results of Phase II of ACDC with the students of the project and a long term evaluation of Phase III, which was being implemented in 2013 in the states of Espirito Santos, Goiás, Maranhão, Rio Grande do Sul e Pará.

Some of the specific goals of the current evaluation are:
– Understand how the ACDC has been supporting the implementation of law no. 10.639/03 in schools through the collection of data with those involved;
– Check which results were achieved by the implementation of the law (and the project) for the school community, project managers, and partner organizations and how these results are then used by those involved;
– Analyse how the positive results can be continued and what alliances are created through networking between institutions involved in the Project;
– Present the broader repercussions of “A Cor da Cultura” Project through studying material published in online and traditional media vehicles about the project in the five states where the project is being implemented.

Raíza Siqueira

Robert Marinho Foundation