Wagner Vinício Community Library

The Wagner Vinicio Community Library is located in the Rio das Pedras community in Jacarepaguá, Western Zone of Rio de Janeiro. The library was created by the local community, as a consequence of the demands of residents who wanted a place where their children could spend time when not at school. The library has been open in the community since 2006, and it possesses children’s and juvenile literature collection, as well as adult literature. It currently houses three thousand titles, all catalogued according to literary genre. The average of collection loans is 235 titles per month and the library carries out daily services from Monday to Friday from 9am to 7pm.


The principal objective of the library is the stimulation and strengthening of reading practices in the Rio das Pedras community. The library is the only cultural space targeted at reading in the area. In 2005 we accepted the challenged proposed by the C&A Institute partner to integrate the Pleasure in Reading Program. The library began to collect books to donate, and Wagner Vinício, a young local resident was the first to take books to the library. Wagner passed away because of a traffic accident and during the community’s elections for the choosing of a name for the library in 2006, his name received 90% of the votes! The community library is integrated and is the co-founder and co-manager of the Network of Community Libraries Reading Connection (2009) and the National Network of Community Libraries (2015).


The principal action of the community library is to contribute to the formation of readers in Rio das Pedras. We defend what Antonio Candido says about literature – that it is, or at the very least, should be a basic right for all human beings, since fiction influences the character and in the formation of its readers. It is on this premise that we work to form readers of books, society, and life in a broad sense. We act on three axes: policy advocacy for the effectuation of the municipal, state, and national plans that target books, reading, literature, and libraries; resources and sustainability mobilization of the community libraries and networks; community anchoring.

Advocacy locations

Rio das Pedras – Jacarepaguá, Rio de Janeiro, state of Rio de Janeiro


January 2006 to December 2018


C&A Institute


Luzia De Seta