This project is financed by the Social and Environmental Fund of the Federal Savings Bank, which intends to promote the local development of the housing complex of Minha Casa Minha Vida. Based on axes of conflict mediation, socio-cultural development, and promotion of shared management, the Project seeks to better the living conditions of the housing complex’s residents.


The project’s objective is to develop the area; via a participatory diagnosis, it seeks to understand the problems faced by residents as well as the area’s potential.


Realization of a participatory diagnosis, implementation of a nucleus of community mediation, promotion of territorial governance, and advancement of a plan for local development.

Advocacy location

Ribeirão das Neves, state of Minas Gerais


July 2016 to June 2018


Federal Savings Bank


Advisory, Planning and Research Nucleus (NAPP) and Institute for Cultural Good (IBC)


Ariane Gontijo

Relatório – Mapa Rápido Participativo Alterosa 

Memorial de atividades (Out/2017)

Memorial de atividades (Set/2017)

Memorial de atividades (Ago/2017)