Faith in the Climate

The Faith in the Climate initiative is the result of a long journey of mobilization and research produced by ISER and its partners, and inspired by Earth Summit, the environment and development conference held in Rio de Janeiro in 1992. Since a 2015 meeting involving twelve important and diverse religious leaderships, the Faith in the Climate project began to solidify in the production of reflection, joining forces with respect to climate change. In this sense, the initiative has actively participated in the dialogue with the recent editions of the United Nations Climate Change Conferences. Other religious people that share an environmental sensibility and a commitment to respond to climate change have joined our ranks, amplifying the richness of the diversity and capillarity of the group in its current form.


The Faith in the Climate Project seeks to combine two elements of great relevance and urgency. The first is the religious segment of the population, which possesses a strong potential for mobilization and social insertion, as well as for major impact on the national and international political agenda, through the leaderships and youth of different religious tradition. The second element is the theme of the global impact of climate change with its daily, severe, and growing consequences that demand personal and governmental attitude changes by means of public policies. The Faith in the Climate project has been searching for ways to develop and strengthen the initiatives that have already been undertaken, through interreligious dialogue that seeks to adapt to the current context for the purposes of direct impact in the public agenda, and above all, in the lives of people. The climate question has potential to become a unifying element between different religions, contributing to the fight against religious intolerance, without this being an expressly stated goal.


Realization of meetings, workshops, and discussion groups involving religious leaderships, environmentalists, and youth.

First Faith in the Climate Meeting – August 2015

Faith in the Climate Sacred Land – June 2016

Faith in the Climate at COP-22 – November 2016

Faith in the Climate Sacred Waters – May 2017

Second Faith in the Climate Meeting – August 2017

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Since August 2015


Climate and Society Institute (ICS)


Public Interest Management (GIP)


João Souza e Silva