Center for Studies in Psychic Reparation

CERP is a project that aims to develop and establish mechanisms ad practices for SUS and SUAS professionals so that they can deal with the traumas resulting from state violence. The project trained about 30 SUS and SUAS professionals from the Acari region (Coordinating Body of Primary Health Care 3.3. – Municipal Health Office). Now, some of these professionals implement groups for family members of victims of state violence, seeking to offer support for psychosocial reparation in public facilities of the Municipal Social Assistance and Health Offices.


The motivating factor in the necessity for the creation of this proposed project was previous violence on the part of the state. In order to reach the trust of the affected populations, it is desirable that distinct forms of access to offered care are made available, adapting the area’s resources to the demands that are being produced. However, as one of the effects of state violence is the silencing and individualization of pain, the project suggests prioritizing group work. Considering the clinical-political function of the breaking of the silence for reparation, and as a process simultaneously private/individual and public/collective, we suggest that the clinical-collective apparatus be adopted as a clinical strategy for the de-individualization of pain and intervention in the private experience of violence.


The project seeks to develop, deepen, and expand new methodologies of psychosocial attention for the confrontation of the effects of state violence and to offer professional training and supervision for the realization of this type of care. The training already accomplished is now being directed to the realization of group care. Part of the students will participate in a more active way, in group-coordinating roles. Other than this, the professionals have a space for formation and accompaniment proportionated for the biweekly supervision on the part of the CERP team.

Advocacy locations

Acari, Costa Barros, Chapadão, Irajá, and Guadalupe


April 2016 to March 2018


British Council – Newton Fund


Clinical Policy Team


João Souza e Silva